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Filling the Gap and Quality Education for Children

Barriers to education and literacy can prevent children from developing the skills and knowledge they will need to navigate the world. A lack of learning tools and resources, weather-suitable clothing, adequate nutrition, and even parental support can get in the way of this.

By supporting organizations that reduce barriers, we hope that children will have more space to fully focus on education and have a chance to develop a love for learning.

With a particular passion for children, these are some of the organizations we are proud to support.


Friends of Aseema

Aseema has been working since 1995 to educate children living in extreme poverty in the streets and slums of Mumbai, India. Aseema now manages three municipal schools in India, that served some of the most economically marginalized children in the city. Moez serves on the Board of Directors of the Friends of Aseema, which was established to support the Aseema Charitable Trust.


Kayla’s Children’s Centre

Kayla’s Children Centre serves as a school, therapy clinic, and recreational centre for children with behavioural challenges, disabilities, and complex medical needs.


Regent Park School of Music Foundation

Regent Park School of Music gives children and youth at risk with a quality music education.

Smile Canada Support Services

Smile Canada Support Services

Service navigation to support children with disabilities and their families through mother support groups, kids and youth events, the buddy program, disability awareness campaigns, therapeutic activities, and financial scholarships.