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Priority Impact Areas

Impact means results. We’ve identified four Priority Impact Areas that are outcome-focused and reflect pressing concerns in our community. These areas are Food Security and Safe Housing, Healthcare and Research, Filling the Gap and Quality Education for Children, and Leveled Fields of Play. We hold a deep commitment to breaking down systemic barriers to full inclusion.

We know that our funding is just a tool that allows charitable organizations to do the critical work of helping, supporting, inspiring, and mentoring. Our aim is to be a helpful funding partner, that allows our grantees to shine. Please explore each Priority Impact Area to learn more about some of these great organizations.


Food Security and Safe Housing

Addressing basic needs for food security, safety, and shelter, with respect for human dignity.



Ensuring access to care that supports healthy minds, strong bodies, and full spirits.


Filling the Gap and Quality Education for Children

Reducing barriers for children to experience the love of learning.


Leveled Fields of Play

Tackling systemic inequality of immigrants, women and girls, and veterans, through community engagement, democratic action, and advocacy initiatives.